Update / Frequency Inhibitors (TV, radio, Wifi, cell phone GSM, 3G, CDMA, DCS, PHS and walkie-talkie), metallic structures. 200 cm x 500 cm x 800 cm. 2011 - 2013


Update is a reaction that has as purpose to generate no-system or no-covering areas, eliminating the resources that work as mediators among system - individual (let say all technological resource incorporated progressively, coming from the militarization of the resources); or what is the same thing, a tool that excludes the relationship with the system; intending of minimizing to the system, by means of an order programmed from the same thing that makes it exist or nurture it (Surplus-GDP –initials of Internal Product Brute-).


This project assumes the systems like a conspiracy of the groups of power toward the infrastructures (inverse to the conspiracy logic that we understand), recognizing as the suitable form of to unify and to make work a system, when in the reality it is based on an effective method to maintain to the groups of people under one same logic, excluding of the possibility of to determine or to react, in fact because this it is the fundamental base for the operation of the superstructure (system). It is a paradoxical phenomenon where the risk of being self-excluded eliminates the purpose of the system.


Technical Collaboration: Kees Reedijk

Work in progress - prototype

Inhibidores de frecuencia TV, radio, wifi, telefonía celular GSM, 3G, CDMA, DCS, PHS y walkie-talkie

‘Unterm Schweiβfell’, E105 Gallery, Berlin, DE