The action of T. error theoretically consists in gerate a territory without reality, by as desien of fails in its structure, based on the principle about how: the flows of information control the reality, and if for any x reason the logic of this flow is altered, the reality also is altered, this principle is taking to practice by the introduction of an influenced in one of their sectors.


Physically consisting a group of dipole antennas (at a field of these) and a radio transmitter, which is controlled by a motion sensor, which is located in a position that is only activated when the viewer reads the Decree Law of the Cuban telecommunications.


Technical Collaboration: Wilmer Díaz Benítez

Laptop, sensor of movement,  transmitter

T. error / Camp of antennas dipole, scaffolds resablon, laptop, transmitter, controller (sensor). 300 cm x 600 cm x 110 cm. 2006




T.error project takes as an external agent, the military American project HAARP. (High frequency Active Aural Research Program). HAARP has be presented publishes opinion as a scientific and academic research program. However, the American military document seem to suggest that principal objective of HAARP is to explode the ionosphere to purposes of the department of defence. Without referring explicitly to the program of HAARP a study of the air force from EE.UU mentions the use of: -inducer modification in the ionosphere-, as way to alter the climatic patter as well as to transform the communication and enemy’s radar.  Some possible applications of the electromagnetic and artificial area of quasi – military situations, this kind of technical of control, and also the security system of military bases, or the anti-person methods used at tactical wars are into the wide of action of the HAARP project’s radio.