I utilize art as a media or platform, by means of varied tools, fields of knowledge, phenomena: all of them external agents to art that function from within power and control structures. They allow my work to generate a discourse, which puts in crisis their own recourses, thus, it detonates the pillars of their specific systems.


In this way, an art of operations is created. It is based on transgressions and connects the activist and the anthropological in my research. Diverse domains such as the biological and the physical (virus, organic anomalies, natural forces, etc.), Society (social laws and orders), telecommunications (mass media, systems to control the information, like nodes or servers, telephonic networks, etc.) are reutilized as subordinated to the ideas and purposes of the works.


Different stages or periods of work allow to me systematize not only concepts, but also all the elements that participate in the pieces. Aesthetics, authorship, reception, propagation - when working in the internet, ether and other non-physical fields-) are understood here as resources and most be altered, after the functionality and organic result of the works.


Some specific themes/strategies of interest in my research, out of which I have developed several pieces are: territorial control; failures or mistakes in mechanisms of control; the nature of different fluxes of information, as media for building Reality and strategies used to destabilize systems.