STATE consists in the creation of a program whose first experimental step is its development in a micro network, to later become part of the Internet, STATE conforms to a program that links a series of 4 properties that real states have: 1 exportation. 2 importation. 3 accumulation. 4 agent of change. That the four are found interconnected establishes  a relation between these characteristics  and patrons of programming.


This program bases its development system on the failures of real states, as are the systems of dependency and subordination, that the states generate, from here to the basis of the state, are from autonomy, non dependence and the development is from virtual territory and not from the real, to vary the variables of dependence generated  by the large centers of the real states. The program STATE generates its function apart from a system of acquired intelligence, in the way that every time that it develops, it evolves its system of learning for the effectiveness of  the program. The same physically, generates  random IP, that continue perfecting themselves by statistics of effectiveness,  of an acquired flow, occupies the mother information of this and generates  exportation intending on propagating itself to other computors, and its propagation systems vary in a way that its system never is permanently locatable.


Technical Collaboration: Miguel Angel García





STATE / Program STATE, Three PC computers, scaffolds, connector cables for the Internet, Router, Internet. 100 cm x 250 cm x 400 cm. 2006

    Working in the program STATE