It parts from an specific sample of super-settlement and inadaptation of an urbanistic project to proposes a revetment model from the problem: at this case, it is the generation of territory.

The piece consists in: 1 - the conversion from 16 m3 to sound (otorgated space for the analized urbanistic model) and 2 - the conversion of the correspondent sound to 16 m3 in the land (physical territory) based on a development of a worms-cultive accumulation, which receives electrical stimulations. For this conversion (16 m3 to sound) a self-norm is creates, it is based on the velocity formula (v x t = s), which is taken to the practice through a descomposition of the space in 3 dimensions, they will be use as guides for the transfer of a portable radio transmitter through these ones. The sound actives electrical impulses of 8 volt, they are the suministration of the 2000 worms-cultive by an interruptor circuit. The electrical impulses create a magnetic camp at its interior. The discharge acelerates the growing process and activity to generate a territory, by the new incorpored program.


Technical Collaboration: Wilmer Díaz Benítez

Micro X. T3. 0, 67 m3 / 2000 Worms, organic materia, electrical circuits, horns, oscilloscopic and scaffold. 150 cm x 300 cm x 500 cm. 2004

For this work was used  “Micro X” as refencia area