Logic Bomb project is structurated with the objective of infiltrate through the closed circuit of vigilancy and control of Old Havana, in Havana, they are: (CCTV, Close circuit of TV, by DOMO ANTIVANDALICA cameras, it complies its function by a close circuit of the policial radio), to deform its function or proporsal by the propagation through citizens frecuencies, the proposal is to denounnce-reveal by a (totalitary system), it is the same of the redirecction of the access.


The work is compound for a control (plataform CL2T10) and three antennas: one is the receiver and the other three ones are the transmitters, a 3 ½  m of high, that are going to function as transits between the data fluids that the circuit generates and the places where it is propagates.


Logic Bomb takes as referents five Global mega projects of technological control (CCTV - ENFOPOL - ECHELON - CHENGEN - CARNIVORE) of analysis and observation/global-control, that are results of militarization of the technology, witted from the 11 / sep.


Technical Collaboration: Wilmer Díaz Benítez

In site

Domo Antivandálica camara / out site, Centre for the Development of the Visual Arts, La Havana, CU

Logic Bomb / 2 Laptop, 1 PC with two monitors LCD, 1 radio transmitter (Policial frecuency), 3 antennas, modulates structures, mobile chairs. 150 cm x 150 cm x 250 cm. 2008