Ingeniería Social (Social Engineering) / Institutional network traffic, electromagnetic detonator, data show, mini video camera. 7 cm x 12 cm x 20 cm. 2010


The work is based on the thesis which the state mechanism is an updated slavery system that is never finalized, working in an intermediate zone between the power of the system and the masses.

"Ingeniería Social" intends to condition the relationship between individual and institution, by installing a tool, which can be used as a mechanism of self-censorship at work.

The self-censorship is exercised by the employees and keeps the institution at a level where it cannot exercise power.

The project is carried out using the institution as a power sensor. A device is installed on the server of the institution that captures the institutional network traffic. Depending on the reading of the generated network traffic, another device is activated that can erase the information stored on the server hard disks.

Physically, each employee of the institution will have visual access to the information on the level of the generated network traffic, so that the individual employee can check his/her level of work and not exceed the maximum level of power, and therefore not activate the device that erases the information.


Technical Collaboration: Kees Reedijk