CGAFT 30 IRT (GKATF 30 ITN - General Knowledge for the Actualization of the Transhuman Functioning. 30 Interventions in the telephonic net) / Telephonic nets, an extension phone, two tape recorders. 2005


In this project the phone lines are intervened and it introduces 10 lineamentums into private calls, I call them "Model of Transhuman function". This model proposes the voiding of human behaviors in a cognoscible level to generate an automate ser, as reject to the General Knowledge that a dominant society generates.


Introduced Flow:


Not develop mechanisms of control neither domination / Creating a lineal system of working, in an automation way / Being impartial to any event or phenomenon that happens / Utilizing the organism with the only function of being a host / Transcending, keeping yourself inherent in the period the transhuman being works / Consuming just what is needed to the survival of transhuman being / Generating a system of adaptation utilizing as a strategy that transhuman beings acquire conditions around him / Prolonging the periods of mutations of its lineal working / Utilizing the cognitive capacity depending on the host information / Utilizing this information as a mean to generate a general knowledge.


   "Caja Azul"- «Blue Case» (Equipment for Hackear Telephones) lines)

Interventions in the telephonic net - No. 20