BENTHAM SOCIETY / Software of Tracking for intranet (web snuffing) (Spider) - Software of analysis and pattern recognition (Collector), two Laptop (Notebook) and two Data show. 200 cm x 300 cm x 300 cm. 2014


“BENTHAM SOCIETY” consists in the reproduction of a system - society, but isolating the unnecessary information, with the purpose of visualizing - use the essential bases of a society designed for total control, or what is the same, a perfect organism.


The project is developed through two technologies: one dealing with access to the entire flow of information within the Intranet and the other to process and obtain patterns within this flow, using algorithms that link data which by their nature are isolated.


The title "BENTHAM SOCIETY” refers to the philosopher Jeremy Bentham, who was the designer of the panoptic system in 1791, as an ideal prison and works as the optimal model to analyze the totalitarian systems; basically the title is "translated" for this work as society control.


Values for read:


1. Establish relationship between the municipal delegates (elected by the people) and popular Assembly and the State Council. Objective: Demonstrate simulated democratic elections - only power.

2. Establish relationship of provenance as part of the People's Assembly and the Council State. Objective: Demonstrate militarization of the system.

3. Demonstrate the cult of the personality, based on show amounts of times they are mentioned per day, per year.

4. Demonstrate the cult of the past by: ephemeris, celebrations, commemorative days. Objective: to show that the goal is downgrading the individual for a life created from past events.

5. Demonstrate verticality of the system:

1. Analyze legislation.

2. Establish how many times the same information is repeats in the news, in many media of information, because to a single filter of information.


Technical Collaboration: Alberto Fernández Chappotin