Basij / Software Basij, Internet, TV (Channel 3), antenna (61,25 MHz), transmitter TV (61,25 MHz). 2015


(Stage 5 - Project 5)


Basij Project works in the design of a new concept of mass media based in transmitting collective intelligence progressively storage in Internet, exclusive from influence coming from the power systems. It is carried out unifying three technologies (spider - biological algorithm and television), which allows the updating of the control model of information established by the mass media, because it eliminates statistic concepts of the contemporaneous society as nation, power or ideology.


Physically it is transmitted on line cuban television (channel 3), a software that collected - choose and shows a line of information from the social networks on the Internet, basing the character selection in a system automated of algorithms. The Basij project transmitted by 61.25 MHz (channel 3) through a TV transmitter and an antenna of 4 m located on the roof of Wifredo Lam.


The title refers to the “Basij” (Mobilization of the oppressed) which was the way they called the generations of iranians in charged to advance through the mined fields and establish a way to the iraqi lines (the Basij were trained and psychologically prepared since they were kids, to successfully achieve the goal they were assigned).


Technical Collaboration: Alberto Fernández Chappotin / Gabriel Camps / Wilmer Díaz Benítez

Production: Alandy Martínez Nasco

TV located on the first floor of the Center for Contemporary Art Wilfredo Lam

System the transmission for Television located on the roof of  the Center for Contemporary Art Wilfredo Lam