Amsterdam Project / Software, laptop, data show, transmitter- antenna UHF, export card of TV. 2015


The Amsterdam Project has the goal to integrate the State to an official atmosphere, an excluded paradigm of the system.


As static concept humanity has established a norm: a Leader is needed - System that will found paradigms the nation will be governed with, and from this relation, the dependence from both parts will be derived, in a way radical changes in these paradigms are used to generate with displaced or invisible people to the system because their attention is not needed anymore. This project pretends to call the attention to those generations who were displaced after they had devoted their entire life to a paradigm.


The project is physically carried out by an individual who is in charged to transcribe such paradigm, using a software that allows write and transmit by channel 3 of the Cuban television on line.


Registers transmitted by this work come from the Cuban press from the 1960s and 1970s.


Technical Collaboration: Alberto Fernández Chappotin

Transmission of TV