MONKEYS NATION / Software - Action. Monkeys Nation Software, 112 CCTV (closed circuit TV), 30 Raspberry PI 3, 1 Data show and 2 Network Switch.

The project proposes demonstrate the existence of God, by economic database Vatican; through the creation of a fly's eye created with 112 security cameras, controlled by a pattern recognition software, which uses as a reference this database, adding pixels to a photo that is built gradually, in which each pixel corresponds to a value used by the Vatican.

'Monkeys Nation' analyzes how from an abstract entity (in this case unprovable) can become the way of life spread around the world, which
decimates and gives existence, generating through the sale of Nothing, a State.

Basically the project is focuses in a paradox characteristic of totalitarian systems, which establish what should and should not be, controlling the behavior of large masses, when in fact everything is a mental construct from a hegemonic center on the individual, which ultimately is what makes possible its existence, nonexclusive situation of religion if not of the all power center.