16 m3 en Territorio Militar (16 m3 in Military Territory) / Structures of tubes, wood, land, water levels and Ether (16 m3). 2003


“16 m3 en Territorio Militar” proposes to establish a relation between Territories, using the obligatory Territory in Micro X, (which is 16 m3 = 3 m x 3 m x 1.80 m, the format given to each human being), as a referent. It consisted on emptying a 16 m3 functional fragment in a river which passes over a military territory, but modifying the cubic meters (6 m x 2 m x 1.33 m) of the river, taking again the form of 16 m3. For the realization of this, it’s needed to utilize an external agent of the structure: functions of Hydraulic Engineering (referent used by the structure to control territories) It was needed to construct two half - doors connected by a central drainage, that contained the water in their extremes, obtaining an empty space with Micro X obligatory format. The result was a territorial extension using the format of the controlled ones in the supposed controllers one.

For this work was used  “Micro X” as refencia area